We Help People Experiencing Homelessness

Homelessness affects thousands of people across Denton County. Many thousands more are one financial disaster away from experiencing homelessness themselves.

Recognizing that homelessness is a significant barrier to success for many in Denton County, the City of Denton and United Way of Denton County are collaborating through a public-private partnership to lead collective impact initiatives addressing homelessness across Denton County.

The Mayor's Housing the Homeless Task Force issued a report in December 2015 to the Denton City Council with several recommendations focused on producing a plan for coordinated, community-wide efforts to address homelessness. Acting on this recommendation, the City of Denton and United Way of Denton County have jointly underwritten this collective impact initiative that launched in 2016.

As the backbone organization to the Denton County Homelessness Leadership Team, United Way of Denton County enhances the outcomes of all partners by facilitating a shared vision, shared measurements, mutually reinforcing activities and continuous communication.

See how we are uniting our community to help people experiencing homelessness!

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