The Workplace Campaign

The majority of United Way of Denton County's support comes from workplace campaigns. A business-to-business model that has a long legacy of impactful results through our 60-year history, workplace campaigns enable you to give easily via payroll deduction, donating as little or as much as you want from each paycheck. Since the donation is arranged just like federal income tax withholding, you won't even miss the money.

Real Impact

You might not be able to write a $300 check and instantly join the ranks of our Leadership Givers. It's easier for you to to spare $5 a week, enough money to equip three economically disadvantaged students with the school supplies they need to succeed and graduate. When an entire workplace gets up and gives, the impact you have on our community is phenomenal!


More than Money

The workplace campaign is a crucial team-building and employee development program for many companies across Denton County. As an employee, take pride in knowing that your donation has real impact in our community. You and your co-workers take on special projects as teams of volunteers, lending your strength and talents as well as your payroll deduction to improve lives.


United Way Support

We want to help! Our volunteers and staff stand ready to supply:

  • Public speakers to share the United Way of Denton County story
  • Informational brochures, posters and materials
  • Items like our LIVE UNITED shirts to show that you make a difference
  • Additional help as needed or desired!

Want to LIVE UNITED through a workplace campaign? Contact Kristin Jones: or 940-566-5851 Ext. 102

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