Leadership Giving Circle


We seek to improve and transform lives in Denton County and make progress every day, because of you. Your gift of time, talent, and treasure matters in the lives of thousands of people in our community.

Leadership Givers serve as a collective voice of community members who invest in United Way of Denton County to help our community thrive. Established to recognize individuals and couples who donate $1,000 or more, the Michelle and Brian Cree SWX Global Design & Production Leadership Giving Circle plays a significant role in the success of our United Way Campaign which, in turn, creates change for neighbors in need across Denton County.
New leadership gifts are matched dollar for dollar!

It's easy to be a Leadership Giver:

  • A donation of $20/week is all it takes.
  • If a couple's combined giving totals $1,000 or more, they will be recognized as Leadership Givers




Mr. Robert Adams
Ms. Stacie Talbert Anaya
Mr. Carl Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Bagley, II
Ms Sammie Baker
Mr. Roy Busby & Ms. Jo Ann Ballantine
Ms. Heidi Barr
Ms. Donna Barron
Ms. Evelyn Barthold
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Behrens
Ms. Aimee Bissett
Mr. Robert Bostetter
Mr. Joseph Bowe
Mr. Brennan Brashears
Ms. Micah Brassfield
Mr. & Mrs. Layne Brewer
Mr. Christian Brickman
Mrs. Audrey Bryant
Ms. Renee Bunch
Ms. April Cain
Mr. Charles Campbell
Mr. Eric Carlquist
Mr. Bill Cheek
Mr. Matthew Chism
Ms. Carol Christian
Mr. Lawrence Collister
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Cree
Ms. Jessica Dela Cruz
Mr. Matthew Cullum
Dr. Mark Davis & Dr. Mary Curtis
Mr. John Daniel
Mr. & Mrs. Ray David, Jr.
Ms. Dolores Van Dyke
Mr. Carleton Ela
Ms. Adriana Espinosa
Mr. Glenn Farmer
Mr. Charles Ferrell
Mr. Brock Fischer
Mr. Bobby Flobeck
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Foster
Mr. James Fykes, III
Ms. Melinda Galler
Mr. Gregory Garland
Mr. John Goss, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Finley Graves
Mr. & Mrs. Chase Greene
Mr. J. Harrell
Ms. Cecelia Harris
Mr. Reuben Heim
Mr. & Mrs. Don Henderson
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Henderson
Mr. James Henderson
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Huckaby
Mr. Steven Huizenga
Mr. David Humphreys
Ms. Vicki Huse
Mr. James Irwin
Dr. & Mrs. Greg Jackson
Ms. Mary Jacoby
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Johnson
Ms. Charlotte Jones
Ms. Mary Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T. Jones
Dr. & Mrs. William Kamman
Ms. Sandra Kelly
Mr. & Mrs. George Kerekes
Mrs. Marian Kester
Mr. Alexander Kibner
Mr. & Mrs. Sennett Kirk, III
Ms. Heidi Knapik
Mr. Aaron Alt & Ms. Jennifer 
Mr. David Koontz
Mr. Lawrence Kunke, Jr.
Mr. Jonathan Land
Mr. Stanley Likens
Ms. Ellen Lobst
Ms. Lynda Lyons
Mr. Christopher Maccio
Mr. Jon Madsen
Mr. Dean Magnusen
Mr. Garry Mans
Mr. & Mrs. Brandon McCleskey
Mr. & Mrs. Sean McCrory
Mr. Glen McKenzie
Mr. Mark Merki
Mr. & Mrs. David Minton
Ms. Morgan Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Morgan
Mr. Ivan Muzljakovich
Mr. Aaron Myers
Mitesh Naik
Mr. Kevin Oldham
Mr. Jorge Ortega
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Patterson
Mr. Riley Patterson
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Petersen
Mr. Ronny Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. Guy T. Phillips
Mr. Sergay Poborka
Ms. Ann Pomykal
Ms. Brisa Ponce
Ms. Theresa Portales 
Mr. & Mrs. Todd Price
Dr. & Mrs. Harold Reed
Mr. Jason Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Rodems
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Ross
Mr. & Mrs. David Rowley
Mr. Karl Schnagl
Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Schwalm
Mr. Daryl Sekishiro
Harish Sethi
Mr. Scott Sherman
Mr. Bruce Sherwood
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Skoog
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Smith
Mr. Mark Spinks
Mr. Nathan Stafford
Ms. Martha Stanley
Ms. Megan Stewart
Mr. Philip Strange
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Sudderth
Ms. Anaya Talbert
Mr. Carl Tarver
Mr. Eric Taylor
Dr. & Mrs. Glen Taylor
Ms. Marianne Thompson
Mr. Paul Throndson
Mr. and Mrs. Dean & Cathy Ueckert
Mr. Stephen Varnell
Mr. Donald Vasquez
Mr. Joseph White, II
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Widmer, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Karl Willard
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Williams
Mr. James Williams
Ms. Julie Willis
Mr. Steven Wittau
Mr. Robert Wolf
Mr. Theodore Yan
Ms. Mary Zackary

Abbott Labs

Axis Realty Group/Northbridge Management & Consulting

Bill Utter Ford

City of Denton

DATCU Credit Union

Denton County

Denton ISD

Denton Record Chronicle

First State Bank

First United Bank

Fluor Corporation

Hankins, Eastup, Deaton, Tonn & Seay

Kirk Securities Corporation

Lake Dallas ISD

Lewisville ISD

Merki & Associates, P.C.

Morrison Milling Company

North Central Texas College


Real Page Inc.

Rudy’s “Country Store”

Southwest Displays

Trinity Industries, Inc

UMB Bank

United Parcel Service

University of North Texas

What’s that Guy’s Name Photography

Wells Fargo

VERUS Commercial Real Estate

Alexis De Tocqueville Society

United Way of Denton County is proud to recognize our local leaders in philanthropy with membership in the prestigious worldwide Alexis de Tocqueville Society. Members of the Tocqueville Society with United Way of Denton County make a total contribution of $10,000 or more, and direct at least 60% of that gift to United Way of Denton County and/or any of our collective impact initiatives.



This community of like-minded women contributes their personal passions, best ideas, and unique strengths to our mission. Volunteer in our community with your family and alongside other members looking to create real change. Collaborate with key businesses and community leaders at exclusive events.