Denton County Workforce Success Leadership Team

Our Vision

Every individual in Denton County achieves financial independence, self-sufficiency, and stability.



Our Mission

The mission of the Workforce Success Leadership Team is to promote a holistic community approach to the workforce that ensures an equitable playing field and provides every individual and family with opportunities to increase their earning potential, succeed, and thrive by: 

  • Coordinating community cross-sector integrated service delivery 

  • Making data-driven, evidence-based, fiscally responsible recommendations 

  • Eliminating systemic barriers and gaps resulting from a history of discrimination to promote equitable access to workforce opportunities 

  • Identifying and advocating for innovative, effective practices

  • Aligning community support systems to meet the needs of local employers 


Our Method, Collective Impact:

What is Collective Impact?

Collective Impact  is a community coming together around a backbone organization as a team of equals to collaborate on solutions that no one organization can implement on their own.

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ALICE stats

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Bob Troyer, Chair

Dr. Roxanne Del Rio, Co-Chair

Dr. Ling Hwey Jeng, Secretary

Agendas, minutes, and presentation documents are maintained for each meeting of the Workforce Success Leadership Team, encouraging the utmost in transparancy, openness and candor. As backbone support, United Way of Denton County staff will update this webpage with new documents on a regular basis.

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