Vote United

Your vote is your voice. Are you ready to vote?

Voting ensures your voice and concerns are heard by those you elect to represent you. It is important for every citizen to be an educated, informed voter. Local elected officials make the decisions that truly impact your life and any of these races could be decided by a few hundred votes. By voting, you Live UNITED to improve lives in the Denton County community.



- Primary Runoff Election | May 28 - 

April 29: Deadline to register to vote. Those who have had a recent name or address change must also update their voter registration by this date. Check your voter registration or register now to make sure you're prepared for the next election. 

May 20 - 24: Early voting period. Dates and hours may vary depending on location. Click here for locations, dates, and times >>

May 17: Last day to receive application for ballot by mail. Learn more about voting by mail here

May 28: Election Day - Your last chance to vote! Republican Election Day Locations >  Democratic Election Day Locations >


June 15 Joint Runoff Elections -  Information Coming Soon





Bring a Photo ID: You must present one of the seven acceptable forms of photo identification before you can vote: a Texas driver's license, Texas election ID certificate, Texas person ID card, Texas handgun license, US Citizenship Certificate with photo, US military IS card with photo, or UW passport.

Bring your Voter Registration card (optional): It's not mandatory to have, but can help resolve any unforeseen issues like your name spelled differently on the official list than on your ID.

Know where to vote: Polling locations may be different for early voting and Election Day, so visit VoteDenton to make sure you're going to the right location in Denton County.

Be an educated voter: Do your homework by seeing who's on your ballot and learning about them in advance so you know who you want to vote for before you get to the voting machine. You can save yourself time at the polls by being prepared. To find out what's on your ballot, visit or VoteDenton.

Encourage your network: Make a plan to vote and invite your neighbors and friends to go vote with you.

Vote by mail: To be eligible to vote early by mail in Texas, you must be a registered voter and meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • 65 years old or older
  • Sick or disabled
  • Out of the county during the entire election (must provide out of county address),
  • Confined to jail, but eligible to vote

For more information and to request the application for mail-in ballot, visit VoteDenton.