Board Leadership Institute

Strong Nonprofits Start with Strong Boards

The Board Leadership Institute prepares philanthropic community members for service on the boards of directors of local nonprofit organizations.


Training Tomorrow's Leaders to Build a UNITED Denton County

Each training is designed and presented by industry experts to provide participants with a deep understanding of opportunities and challenges in the Denton County community, along with the tools needed to shape and govern a successful 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Benefits of Participating in the Board Leadership Institute

  • Meet other civic-minded professionals from a variety of sectors
  • Learn about the issues facing our community from experts in the field
  • Gain the skills needed to successfully serve on a nonprofit board

Board Leadership Institute Curriculum


September - November

(10 sessions)
Sample curriculum from 2020 session:
  • Week 1: TX Nonprofit Overview; Needs Assessment; Parliamentary Procedure
  • Week 2: Board Operations/Development
  • Week 3: Governance & Fiduciary Responsibility
  • Week 4: Strategic/Scenario Planning & Outcome Assessment
  • Week 5: Asset-Based Community Development/Racial Equity in nonprofits
  • Week 6: Finance & Audit
  • Week 7: Resource Development & Fundraising
  • Week 8: Marketing
  • Week 9: Conflict Resolution
  • Week 10: Advocacy


Board Leadership Institute Application  & Fee

The application for the Fall 2021 class will open this summer. The fee for the program is $100. To receive an email when the application is live, complete this form:

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