Interconnected Issues

Interconnectivity of Leadership Teams

We leverage donations from individuals and corporations with local, state and federal grants to identify gaps in interconnected systems that ineffectively serve our community. We bring Denton County leaders from education, government, corporate, and nonprofit together as part of three Leadership teams.




Implementing a coordinated prevention and intervention system to make homelessness rare, brief and nonrecurring



Thanks to a system built by the work of the Denton County Housing & Homelessness Leadership Team, Denton County prevented a catastrophic influx of pandemic-related evictions since 2020.

Lack of affordable housing, housing instability, and homelessness undermines mental wellness and employability. Yet, one in three people who are experiencing homelessness are employed in some capacity.






Providing every individual and family the opportunity to increase earning potential, succeed, and thrive



The Denton County Workforce Success Leadership Team works to bridge the gap between financially-fragile households and employers by providing resources and overcoming obstacles.

When a family is under-employed and living paycheck to paycheck, they struggle to pay bills which leads to housing and food insecurity. The stress often results in mental health struggles for parents and children.

Upskilling to expand capabilities and create economic mobility is the path to stability and self-sufficiency.                                                                       



Advocating for a collaborative person-centered system to repair and restore lives




Mental and behavioral health struggles should not culminate in the justice system. Yet, Denton County's largest provider of in-patient mental health services continues to be the County jail.

The Denton County Behavioral Health Leadership Team strives for adequate mental and behavioral health care for everyone. 

One in five Denton County residents experience a mental health crisis each year. As a part of a person's overall wellbeing, mental health is critical to success at work and in school.

United Way of Denton County provides backbone support to these interconnected Leadership Teams, which are examples of collaborative solutions known as Collective Impact. 

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