Wellness Wednesday

Nourish United/Live United is a wellness series with new episodes released each week on Wednesday to give tips on maintaining your overall well being.

Episode 29: Meditation for Anxiety

Episode 30: Grounding Techniques

Episode 27: Easing Loneliness

Episode 28: Creating Healthy Boundaries

Episode 25: Apps to Help Improve Your Mental Health

Episode 26: Tips to Help with COVID Anxiety and Depression

Episode 24: Mental Health During the Holidays

Episode 23: Men's Mental Health

Episode 22: Destigmatizing Mental Health

Episode 21: How Gratitude Improves Mental Health

Episode 20: Managing Social Anxiety

Episode 19: How to Build Resilience

Episode 18: Nutrition and Mental Health

Episode 17: Let Someone Know If You Are Struggling

Episode 16: Healthy Habits

Episode 15: Depression: How to Recognize It and When to Seek Help

Episode 14: Get Some Plant Therapy

Episode 13: Life Is Better With Pets

Episode 12: Types of Self-Care

Episode 11: Job Burnout

Episode 10: Coping with Stress

Episode 9: Happiness Hormones

Episode 8: Managing Anxiety

Episode 7: Get Out in Nature

Episode 6: Overcoming World Weariness

Episode 5: Physical Wellness

Ep 4: What is Mental Health?

Episode 3: Mental Wellness

Episode 2: What is Wellness?

Episode 1: Unplug