We Advocate for Overall Mental Health


Mental Health is one of the greatest issues facing our community today.
  • An estimated 131,000 people or more in Denton County meet the criteria for a diagnosable mental illness any given year
  • In Denton County, the single largest in-patient facility for behavioral health is the county jail
  • Experiencing a mental illness is strongly correlated with both unemployment and homelessness
  • Denton County is one of the lowest funded counties in the lowest funded state in terms of mental health expenses per capita

As the backbone organization to the Denton County Behavioral Health Leadership Team, United Way of Denton County is dedicated to helping people affected by mental illness. By connecting people with resources, we help people weather and recover from mental health crisis, and through long term systemic improvements we pursue a vision of comprehensive behavioral health for every person in Denton County.


Visit DentonCountyBHLT.org for more info

Or see this annual report detailing the work we accomplished in 2016!

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Experiencing a Mental Health Crisis? Call 1-800-762-0157



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