Planned Giving - A Lasting Legacy

United Way of Denton County is dedicated to leaving a legacy of long-term change, leading our community to share and leverage resources and building collaborative partnerships to improve lives in Denton County. This change takes concerted and well-supported effort across many years, a challenge that we are eager to face.

A legacy through United Way

United Way of Denton County enjoys the support of not only annual gifts, but Planned Gifts as well. Planned Giving is a method of raising dollars for nonprofit organizations with cash, equity or property. From across Denton County, people who have dedicated their legacies to making positive change have already chosen United Way of Denton County as a recipient of endowments, a beneficiary of their will or even the inheritor of private property such as stocks, bonds and real estate.

Benefits of Planned Giving

A planned gift not only has tremendous impact on our community, but can also benefit the donor as well. Many laws governing charitable contributions greatly favor the donation of portions of estates, qualified retirement plans and other major gifts that will effect positive change for many years and decades to come.

Some examples of planned gifts include:

  • Endowments and Gifts of Cash
  • Bequests by Will
  • Charitable Lead or Remainder Trusts
  • Real Estate
  • Life Insurance Benefits
  • Memorial and Appreciation Gifts
  • Stocks and Bonds
  • IRA or Retirement Funds
  • Gift Annuities

How does Planned Giving work?

Donors are provided a variety of financial options to leave money or assets so both donor and organization receive advantageous arrangements.

Why is Planned Giving important to United Way of Denton County?

Planned Giving is a resource development strategy to increase funding for United Way of Denton County. The purpose is to provide funding for special initiatives of the organization and / or to fulfill a donor's special dream in the area of social service.

Can a donor make a Planned Gift that is not directly related to United Way of Denton County's current mission?

Yes. United Way of Denton County will direct gifts as specified by the donor.

May I give to a Partner Agency of United Way of Denton County through this program?

Yes. United Way of Denton County will honor your designated gift.

How can I be assured my Planned Gift will be executed properly?

The board of United Way of Denton County has adopted a policy to provide for legal and ethical implementation of all gifts today and in the future.

How can I make a Planned Gift?

You can start the process by contacting your accountant, financial planner or attorney OR by calling United Way of Denton County for a referral to qualified professionals. Using an expert in Planned Giving will provide numerous strategies within your financial options.

Join us in supporting a legacy of change. Contact Gary Henderson today to see how you can make a planned gift: or 940-566-5851 Ext. 104

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