How We Help

We are a backbone to Collective Impact

Denton County Behavioral Health Leadership Team 
Denton County Homelessness Leadership Team  
Denton County Workforce Success Leadership Team  
Early Childhood Coalition

Collective Impact is a structured way for a community to Unite around a backbone organization as a team of equals to collaborate on solutions that no one organization can implement on their own. By building strong, inclusive, trusting relationships between everyone in Denton County, Collective Impact tackles complex problems like homelessness and mental illness through five key elements of success:

  1. A Common Agenda, collectively putting forth a United vision of a better community
  2. Shared Measurements, providing meaningful, shared feedback to everyone involved
  3. Mutually Reinforcing Activities, avoiding duplication in favor of cooperation
  4. Continuous Communication, reinforcing trust and relationships between partners
  5. A Strong Backbone, orchestrating the hard work done through a common structure and efforts

Collective Impact is a key part of our work to improve lives in Denton County, and United Way of Denton County is proud to be the foremost Collective Impact backbone in our community!


We support our Partner Agencies

As part of Denton County's social service fabric, United Way of Denton County supports twenty Partner Agencies. Held to high standards of performance and accountability, these Partner Agencies submit to annual review by United Way of Denton County's volunteers and board of directors. Funded on a multi-year basis, these expert Partner Agencies improve lives in pursuit of their many specific missions. Because of their success, we can actively incubate new programs that meet ever-evolving needs in Denton County, helping more people in our community.

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We invest via Impact Grants

Many local organizations beyond our Partner Agencies perform other vital services that meet an identified need in Denton County. Through short-term impact grants, United Way of Denton County's board of directors is able to invest in developing local solutions that demonstrate great promise in solving local problems.

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We run direct impact Programs

Through collaboration with many local charities, businesses and government organizations, we provide direct impact programs that serve specifically identified needs. Some programs are fully-fledged initiatives that improve thousands of lives each year. Other programs are pilot initiatives created to rapidly iterate potential solutions that can then be expanded upon and scaled up by the appropriate organization in the county.

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