Homelessness Resources


Are you sleeping in emergency shelter, in public areas, or in another place that is not permanent or safe? Coordinated Entry is done at agencies in the flyer below, this process helps quickly connect people to available resources and gathers information about the housing needs of people that are not served through a 20-30 minute assessment.


  • Agency staff will collect general information and complete a short survey with you to find the best housing option. 
  • They will then refer you to a housing program, funding and vacancy permitted.
  • If assistance is unavailable, staff will attempt to refer you to other resources.



  • It reduces the amount of time you spend searching for assistance.
  • It makes it easier for you and your family to access available resources.
  • This process helps the community understand what resources are needed to help you and other families in the future.



This process does not guarantee assistance, and does not mean there are new resources available. We are working diligently with many households to end their homelessness, but resources are limited. It is possible and likely that programs you are interested in will not have any current openings, and there is no way to tell when a program may be able to offer assistance. This is not a housing wait list or housing application, but rather an initial assessment to identify the best housing option for you.
United Way of Denton County is temporarily unavailable for Coordinated Entry enrollments and will reopen the below form when that availability has changed. Please visit any of the community providers below for the time being if you are experiencing homelessness and need to connect to Coordinated Entry. 
The Emergency Housing Voucher process is currently NOT accepting any new applicants. To verify your placement for Denton Housing Authority's mainstream voucher process connect with Denton Housing Authority.
Address: 1225 Wilson Street Denton TX 76205
Phone: (940) 383 - 1504 - Email: s8@dentonhousingauthority.com

If you are a community member wanting to connect a person or household that is living unsheltered  (in an encampment, in the woods, in a tent, etc.) please complete the below Street Outreach connection form so the Denton Homeless Outreach Team can meet that household where they are at with resources and case management services.

Street Outreach Connection Form with Giving Hope, Inc. (CLICK LINK)

Street outreach graphic

CE Flyer July 2021