Denton County Nonprofit Community Doused with 21K Bottles of Hand Sanitizer

BPS Technology/Shotwell Hydrogenics, United Way of Denton County, and Denton County collaborate to provide much-needed PPE provisions to over 30 nonprofit groups across Denton County


A steady stream of cars, vans, and trucks passed by the docks of Denton County Emergency Services as Denton County nonprofits picked up cases of 8 oz. bottles of hand sanitizer donated by BPS Technology and Shotwell Hydrogenics to United Way of Denton County.

In a matter of hours, 21,000 bottles of hand sanitizer were distributed to more than 30 nonprofit organizations across Denton County to help provide hand hygiene essentials to neighbors, schools, area food banks, and health care providers.

“Hand hygiene has become top-of-mind for all of us over the last six months, especially as we’ve started sending our children back to school,” said Bravis Brown, Chief Executive Officer of BPS Technology and Shotwell Hydrogenics. “Being able to donate Shotwell’s premium, effective hand sanitizer to our community is a blessing for our family of companies. We appreciate the support from United Way of Denton County and Denton County to quickly meet the needs of residents.”

Shotwell is a bulk, wholesale distributor of hand sanitizer, typically shipping in 330-gallon totes. The company arranged and covered the costs of bottling for the donations to United Way of Denton County to ease distribution into the community. Average retail prices for 8 oz bottles of hand sanitizer range from $3-$6. Denton County stored the donation over the weekend which arrived at its Emergency Services dock on nine skids.

“As this pandemic lingers, our nonprofits continue to feel the squeeze of decreased fundraising revenue and increased demand on not only our services, but delivering those services in a safe manner,” said United Way of Denton County President and CEO Gary Henderson. “This donation from BPS Technology and Shotwell Hydrogenics relieves part of this burden for our Denton County nonprofit community.”

Volunteers from United Way of Denton County, BPS Technology, and Denton County helped nonprofit representatives load cases of the donated hand sanitizer, Shotwell’s 70% Ethyl Alcohol gel formulation. The FDA-registered label for full product details is available on Daily Med.

BPS Technology will relocate to Denton County in October with completion of their new campus in Argyle.

To date, Shotwell and BPS Technology have donated more than 40,000 bottles of hand sanitizer across Texas to first responders, community organizations, nonprofits, healthcare providers and schools.


Shotwell Hydrogenics is a chemical manufacturing facility, specializing in performance monitoring and chemical management services, including water-soluble toll blending, chemical selection, and verification. The Midland, Texas-based facility is ISO9001:2015 certified.


BPS Technology, LLC is a Texas-based, privately held holding company that is servant-minded and mission-led to identify, develop, and acquire impactful technologies. The company’s signature technology is SymMAX, a proprietary aqueous based supramolecular host chemistry. When blended with other chemistries, it will enhance the capabilities of chemicals resulting in a higher performing and more efficient solution. Learn more at