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2019 Interns

Jordan Witten, Homelessness Initiatives, Texas Woman's University
Jasmine Wiley, Homelessness Initiatives, Texas Woman's University
Tracy  Locke, Homelessness Initiatives
Alyssa Iniguez, Homelessness Initiatives, University of North Texas
Adriana Langlais, Education & Workforce Initiatives, University of Nebraska at Kearney
Abriana Brickey, Education & Workforce Initiatives, University of North Texas
Heather Hines, Homelessness Initiatives, Texas Woman's University
Krista SimpsonMarketing & Communications, Texas Woman's University
Marissa HerreraMarketing & Communications, University of North Texas
Stephanie NemecekMarketing & Communications/Resource Development, University of North Texas
Emily SibleyPartner Agency/DHA Grant Administration, University of North Texas & Texas Woman's University
Dewey Marshall, Homelessness Initiatives, Texas Woman's University
Lauren SaltzmanHealth & Mental Health Initiatives, Texas Woman's University
Courtney  Lee, Health & Mental Health Initiatives, Texas Woman's University
Hope NordonEducation & Workforce Initiatives, University of North Texas
Jacqueline Ulissey, Education & Workforce InitiativesTexas Woman's University
Jessica Mier, Homelessness Initiatives, Texas Woman's University
Brittany WaitesVeterans/Mental Health Initiatives, Texas Woman's University
Kyra Solis, Advocacy, University of North Texas
Michell Johnson,  Education & Workforce Initiatives, University of North Texas & Texas Woman's University
Rachel StankusEducation & Workforce InitiativesUniversity of Texas at Arlington
Luke DixonResource Development, University of North Texas
Esmeralda Olguin, Marketing & Communications, University of North Texas
Hannah Austin, Marketing & Communications, University of North Texas
Nicole FriendResource Development, University of North Texas