Community Impact

United Way of Denton County is dedicated to improving lives in Denton County

To accomplish this mission, we focus our efforts on three distinct areas: Education, Income, and Health.  We collaborate with twenty partner agencies to effect positive change in our community.  Beyond traditional collaborations with other non-profits, United Way of Denton County partners with all levels of government and runs programs of our own designed to positively impact our community.  Ongoing Community Needs Assessment efforts help to align community investments towards critical areas of need throughout Denton County.


Community Needs Assessment

In order to target our limited resources at our community's most pressing needs, United Way of Denton County conducts and regularly updates Community Needs Assessments.


Education - Learn Well

Learning well means giving our children the quality education they need to advance in life and fulfill their dreams.


Income - Earn Well

Earning well and using those earnings wisely leads to a stable, healthy, productive life for ourselves and our families.


Health - Live Well

Living well with a healthy diet, preventative care, and affordable, timely medical attention allows us to live life with less worries and strife.


Improving Lives

Some of our programs help our community across all of the categories of Education, Income and Health. These initiatives improve lives broadly across Denton County in many different ways.

Information and Referral

For those in need, the appropriate information and a helpful referral are only a phone-call away.  United Way of Denton County, in partnership with many local non-profits, maintains the Denton County Community Services Directory, a local helpline, and Denton County's 2-1-1 database.  This regularly updated information ensures that your neighbors, friends, and family have somewhere to turn to when life gets tough.


School-Based Community Centers

Providing services to neighborhoods through their schools helps people receive the help they want from those who can provide it in a convenient and trusted venue.


Project Blueprint

A non-profit organization is as healthy as its Board of Directors.  To help Denton County non-profit organizations recruit and retain quality volunteer board members, United Way of Denton County offers Project Blueprint, an in-depth course to train community members in how to be an effective board member for our local non-profits.


Emergency and Disaster Preparedness

In times of crisis, United Way of Denton County helps to facilitate community recovery efforts with local government and community organizations.


Partner Agencies

As part of our Community Impact efforts, United Way of Denton County partners with twenty local non-profit agencies to positively impact Denton County