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The COVID-19 Crisis

Recovery Needs A United Response

We moved quickly & collaboratively to establish the United Way of Denton County COVID-19 Relief & Recovery Fund to support Denton County individuals and families struggling financially in the wake of the local COVID-19 pandemic response.

We leveraged public and private sector relationships to procure over $4.8 million* in funding support. Continuing to work collaboratively with local community leaders to ensure funding is coordinated to cover all COVID-related needs of our community, including rental assistance, food insecurity for children and adults, childcare, etc. To date, over $4.4 million* invested strategically across the County to address emergency needs and long-term recovery from this crisis. (*as of August 4, 2020; $453,798 currently in reserve for eviction prevention)




We joined forces with Communities Foundation of Texas, other local United Ways, and North Texas funders in the North Texas Cares collaborative to provide emergency funding to support and sustain the local nonprofit sector on the front lines of this crisis. With tremendous support from Denton County Commissioner’s Court via CARES Act funding, we disbursed $1.21 in COVID-19 Recovery grants to 32 nonprofit partners serving Denton County residents hard hit by the pandemic.




Nonprofits in Denton County are on the front lines of this pandemic. Since March we have been working closely with Denton County to support these agencies assisting residents with food, rent and mortgage assistance, health and mental health care and more.  In early July, we launched Denton County CARES - Coalition of Agencies to Restore Essential Services - to continue this vital support for our local nonprofit community with grants to meet financial need directly related to the COVID-19 crisis.



We rallied network of nonprofit partners to accept referrals on behalf of residents across Denton County for eviction prevention. In just a few months, over $1.4 million has been disbursed from Fund to assist 1,011 households in 27 different municipalities across Denton County with rental, mortgage, and utility assistance. Our CRRF Eviction Prevention program has provided over 1,323 months of rent/mortgage assistance to keep neighbors impacted by COVID-19 in their homes. (as of August 1, 2020)






We convened Denton County, local ISDs, and city representatives, as well as nonprofits from across Denton County on a taskforce to address food insecurity of children and adults through the summer and fall months. 

In addition to the COVID-19 Relief & Recovery Fund, we continue to compile a fluid list of available resources for the community during this crisis (i.e. unemployment, meals for students, community food pantries, SBA Loan information, childcare, volunteer opportunities, and more), as well as critical needs of nonprofits in Denton County. 


We created Enhanced Information & Referral in partnership with City of Denton to provide better access to resources for individuals and businesses in Denton County that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.