Bank On Denton County

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Keep more of your hard-earned money!

Businesses call it “financial leakage.” The popular term is “nickel and dimed.” Whatever its name, the idea is the same: We may be losing money that we don’t have to.

Whether through payday advances, title loans, check cashing, money orders or other alternative financial services, we can lose money through a huge array of fees. These fees can seem small on their own, but they drain our wallets of the money we use to pay our utilities, fill our gas tank, spend time with our friends, and feed our families.

We can keep more of our money when we have financial stability through a banking relationship. Bank On Denton County is here to help us. We keep money when we deposit checks for free and avoid check cashing fees. We keep money when we use bank services instead of money orders. We keep money when we trust the bankers who want to help us.

Through Bank On Denton County we can meet a banker, learn the unspoken rules of a bank and build a better future for our families.

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