Mayor's Summer Youth Jobs Program


About the Mayor's Summer Youth Jobs Program:

For many Denton County kids, summer means a vacation - for others, summer means employment.

Many local high school students do not have the opportunity to work, however. This is why we facilitate the Mayor's Summer Youth Jobs Program, a collaboration between the City of Denton, Denton Chamber of Commerce, Denton Independent School District, and United Way of Denton County. This program provided local high school students with an opportunity to earn valuable work experience while also acquainting them with important skills like interviewing for a job, spending or saving their earnings wisely and positioning themselves for long-term employment.

"It's tough but rewarding work [at the City of Denton's Linda McNatt Animal Care Facility]. It makes me feel really great that I get to come in every day and make a difference."
~ Jalin Brown, program participant

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