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Teddy Yan - Director of Financial Initiatives

Phone: 940-566-5851 Ext. 106

Teddy joined the United Way of Denton County staff in 2012 first as an intern, then as United Way of Denton County's coordinator and director of Marketing & Outreach. After successfully shepherding United Way of Denton County publicity, marketing and branding for five years, Teddy stepped sideways to serve as the Director of Financial Initiatives. In this role, he manages collective impact initiatives and programs that help people gain family-supporting employment while stretching their means further.

Teddy has lived in Denton County for over a decade and is a graduate of Denton High School and the University of North Texas, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. In his free time, Teddy enjoys researching space exploration, learning history, and listening to the music of Vienna Teng.

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