Leader on Loan


Our Leaders on Loan are dedicated community volunteers practicing leadership and relationship management through their invaluable assistance to our Resource Development team!

As a Leader on Loan, a budding candidate for leadership will:
  • Strengthen their skills in public speaking, leadership and project management through hands-on workshops courtesy of Libby Spears from Bravo Communications and Consulting.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the needs in our community and how United Way of Denton County answers these needs.
  • Connect with key organizations and people in our community and learn why they collaborate with United Way of Denton County to improve lives.
  • Make a positive impact in our community by raising funds for United Way of Denton County Partner Agencies and Collective Impact Initiatives through workplace campaigns and special events.

Send us your stars, and we'll help you develop them into the confident, civic-minded leader you want them to be! For information about becoming a Leader on Loan or sending a leader from your organization, contact Kristin Jones at Kristin@UnitedWayDenton.org or call (940) 566-5851 ext. 102