Recovering from Hurricanes Harvey & Irma

The United Way Response

Local United Ways across the nation have mobilized to help the communities affected by Harvey and Irma:

United Ways of Texas index of local United Way Harvey-related efforts

United Way Worldwide Recovery Fund

United Way Worldwide has mobilized a Recovery Fund to meet storm-related needs and support long-term recovery throughout the affected regions. This funding will be critical to local communities in Texas, Florida, and elsewhere as widespread publicity fades with time and local communities continue to recover in the months and years to come.

Donating Items

Please help communities affected by these hurricanes avoid the "Second Disaster" - only donate items that are specifically requested by relief organizations in the affected area. Donating money is the most effective and efficient way to help, as it can be used by local agencies on the exact supplies they need.

Harvey - City of Denton Emergency Responders

Harvey - Trusted World