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Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching is a revolutionary new methodology of improving the financial capabilities of low- to moderate-income households in Denton County. Through a one-on-one coaching approach, you as a volunteer can improve and transform the lives of clients (coachees) through motivational interviewing, coachee empowerment, and other non-traditional approaches to the reinforcement of positive financial habits.

The coaching model is similar to that of a fitness coach:
  1. The coachee shares their financial values and goals with the coach
  2. The coach helps the coachee design a plan to meet their personal goals while staying true to their financial values
  3. The coach keeps the coachee accountable to their own personalized plan to meet their own personalized goals

After six (6) hours of training and with a time commitment of about two (2) hours a month, you can help a low- to moderate-income household increase their financial capabilities through multiple avenues of improvement: An improved credit score or report, the elimination of debt and creation of an emergency fund, the use of a realistic and values-aligned budget to move someone towards their goals, establishing banking relationships, and more.

Volunteers don't need to have an accounting or financial background! We can teach anyone the coaching model at the heart of financial coaching, and we have plenty of financial tools with which to help coachees improve and transform their lives.

Interested in volunteering? Trainings for new volunteer financial coaches are held monthly. Send us some basic information via the webform below so we can send you updates and training opportunities!