Resource Development

When you join the United Way of Denton County team by giving, you are supporting a powerful movement to advance the common good right here at home. Your contribution improves lives by: helping children, youth and adults achieve their potential through education; helping families become financially stable and independent; improving people's health, and much more. Every gift is important. Contributions large and small combine to bolster the health of our community and change the lives of those who walk by us every day. Working together, we can accomplish things that no organization, no individual and no government can accomplish on its own. That’s what it means to LIVE UNITED.

There are many ways you can contribute financially to the life changing work of United Way of Denton County.  For more information, contact Jodi Ramon, Resource Development Director or Gary Henderson, President & CEO at 940-566-5851.

Community Campaign

United Way of Denton County runs an annual community campaign across Denton County, tapping local resources to find solutions to local problems.  Our workplace campaigns give Denton County residents a way to give where they live, and know that their money goes directly to help local, well-run, worthy causes, targeted at very real and pressing needs in our community.

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Special Events

Several times a year, United Way of Denton County recognizes community members across Denton County for the work they do and the many gifts they give back to their community.  Some of these events raise funds for our many community impact efforts, while some are simple expressions of gratitude to all those who tirelessly strive to improve lives in Denton County.

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Planned Giving

To support United Way of Denton County is to invest in our community.  Every dollar put into our community fund directly impacts the people around us, and there are ways to make your gift leave a lasting legacy of dedication to improving lives in our community.  Our Planned Giving program is one such way, allowing anyone to make their contribution last beyond a lifetime.

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Leadership Giving

A good leader sets an example for others to follow, and our Leadership Givers inspire our community to greatness through their generosity.

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Tocqueville Society

Philanthropists of the highest level are an honored elite among United Way donors.  The Tocqueville Society is one method United Way uses to commemorate the most selfless of our donors.

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