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What is VITA?

VITA is a catchy acronym for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, an IRS program implemented in our community by United Way of Denton County. Through this program, volunteers like yourself help local low- to moderately-low income households file their federal income tax returns accurately and on time. We learn the tax code so our community doesn't have to spend hard-earned money going to paid preparers.

What has the VITA Program done?

In 2014, United Way of Denton County's VITA volunteers concluded our eighth year of tax preparation, returning over $1,000,000 of Tax Year 2013 refunds to our community while simultaneously saving Denton County residents an estimated $158,000 in tax preparation fees.

For two years in a row, volunteers helped put over $1 million back into the pockets of our community. The IRS estimates that over $15 million is left on the table by Denton County taxpayers every year. We need your help to bring that money back to the pockets of households who can use it!

Here are three volunteer positions in VITA:

Tax Preparer:

Tax Preparers work directly with individuals and families to file their tax returns. Tax preparers walk clients through the tax preparation process and prepare returns using TaxWise software. We teach you everything you need to know in required training sessions. After training, volunteers complete an IRS certification test and are ready to start filing returns!

Intake Processor:

As the first person a taxpayer encounters, the Intake Processor welcomes clients to the site, screens for eligibility and preparedness, collects documents, and assembles the information necessary for the Tax Preparer to complete the tax return in an efficient manner. The Intake Processor plays a critical role in ensuring that clients have a quality experience.


We are in great need of bilingual volunteers to help clients and our volunteer tax preparers communicate effectively. The translators help ensure that the taxpayers understand their tax return and their tax obligations.

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Helpful Links:


IRS website
IRS Information about Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions
Link and Learn Certification System
TaxWise Online - Training Mode (Internet Explorer Only)
TaxWise Online 2013 - Training Mode (Internet Explorer Only)


IRS Publications:

Pub. 17 - Your Federal Income Tax for Individuals
Pub. 502 - Medical and Dental Expenses
Pub. 970 - Tax Benefits for Education
Pub. 4012 - Volunteer Resource Guide
Pub. 4491 - Volunteer Training Guide
Pub. 4491w - Practice Problems and Exercises
Pub. 4491w Answers - Basic
Pub. 4491w Answers - Advanced
Pub. 4491w Answers - Military / International
Pub. 4961 - Volunteer Standards of Conduct Ethics Training
Pub. 5101 - Intake / Interview and Quality Review Training
Pub. 6744 - Volunteer Test / Re-Test
Form 8962 Instructions - Premium Tax Credit (Draft)


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