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Study of Denton County Updated in 2014

United Way of Denton County continually updates our Community Needs Assessment of Denton County

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The goal of this assessment was to provide the community with up-to-date, accurately interpreted data reflecting both the needs in our service area and any community resources currently addressing those needs. Every year, United Way of Denton County investments of time, donor dollars and other resources are based, in part, on the gaps in resources and highest priority needs as determined by community input and supportive data collection found in this report.

The Community Needs Assessment reveals a number of findings in the Education, Income and Health focus areas, including significant population growth throughout the county, and the need for greater access to affordable childcare and health care for low-income families. For an in-depth look at these findings, the entire Assessment is available for download at the bottom of this page.

Oversight for this process was provided locally by our Board of Directors and a Steering Committee consisting of professionals from the following fields: Research & Data Collection, Community & Information Services, Education, Faith-Based Entities, Health, and Finance among others, and was completed at a minimal cost.

The steering committee began their research in August of 2011 by conducting community focus groups, door-to-door surveys and online surveys. The committee met throughout the Fall to compile, analyze and interpret the relevant data to provide the most useful and relevant report for the northern Denton County area.  Since then, the steering committee has guided United Way of Denton County staff and interns as they keep the Community Needs Assessment up to date.

The last Community Needs Assessment was completed in 2004 in partnership with the City of Denton, and covered only the city of Denton. The 2011 Assessment includes information for all of Denton County, specifically focusing upon communities within United Way of Denton County's Service Area.

Minor data updates were rolled out in 2012, refreshing relevant statistics and expanding their scope to include areas south of Lake Lewisville by popular request.

More updates were carried out in 2013, including a much anticipated examination of Mental Health in Denton County.

If you would like to schedule a free Community Needs Assessment presentation for your civic, church or school organization, e-mail Leah Jordan here. The presentation can be tailored to your group’s interest & time limitations.

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