Community Assets

United Way of Denton County has completed an Asset Mapping tool to complement the 2011 Community Needs Assessment. This was done to give a balanced approach to evaluating the gaps in our community, and to give some basic information on organizations and services which are already doing work to address various needs. Whenever possible, you will find information about the assets (resources) available in our area associated with the primary findings of each section.

For more detailed information on each of the findings/needs listed, please reference the Needs Assessment sections for Education, Income and Health by clicking here.

For a more extensive listing of resources available to Denton County residents, please click here to find United Way of Denton County's Community Service Directory and two relevant help lines.

These maps are non-inclusive, and will be updated as we become aware of additional resources.  If you know of resources you believe should be included in these asset maps, please let us know.


Assets for education are mapped according to 5 findings/needs:

Increase in Economically Disadvantaged Children in All 10 School Districts
Increase in At-Risk Students in All 10 School Districts
Significant Cuts in Public Education Funding in Texas
Increase in Limited English Proficiency Enrollment in All 10 School Districts
In Denton County - 16% of Adults Age 18+ do not have a HS Diploma or GED


Assets for income are mapped according to 4 findings/needs:

High Poverty Rate Among Female Heads-of-Household with Children Under Age 5
Housing Costs Exceed Affordability Threshhold in Occupied Rentals Over 40% in 5 ISD's in UWDC's Service Area
Increased Need in Emergency Services related to Housing, Food, and Clothing
Need for Affordable Childcare


Assets for health are mapped according to 5 findings/needs:

Access to Dental Care
Low-Income Access to Acute and Preventative Care
Wellness Programs
Hospitalization Preventive Initiatives (Education / Awareness)
Preventive Initiatives for Elderly Falls

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